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Ads Tracking Software
It is very important to track your ads and check the response generated through particular ad, and resource where you advertised. We provide free tool to track your advertising results.

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Web Hosting Host Your Website For As Low As $3.95 per month. No Annual Commitments And Free Setup.

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Instantly add the Traffic Magnet Top Secret Weapon to attract swarms of targeted buyers directly solo ads strategic marketing teamto your Web Site.

Reach Thousands Of Hungry Customers Every Day !
Use the exact same tactics and strategies that successful seasoned veterans apply to attract a continuous stream of Qualified Targeted Customers directly to their website night and day.

Yes you can flood your website with highly targeted new customers every day and create a surge of quality traffic to explode your sales.

  • Your Very Important Ad Message reaches Members instantly in the Members Area LIVE, with a CLICKABLE URL for them to click over to your website immediately.
  • Your Message is promoted immediately on 2,700 Franchise Owners' Websites that reaches more than 1 million unique visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to hungry buyers that will click over to your website immediately.
  • Your solo ad message is delivered SPAM FREE to every member in the database, and every new member that is subscribed by every Franchise Owner for the next 12 weeks.
  • All members are subscribed by our Franchise Website Owners, and there's more than 2,700 owners. Every single member they subscribe go into one database. This builds the Largest Subscriber database in the world, and your message goes to every single one of them, not once but REPEATEDLY.
  • Every Member reads your Message repeatedly every day, from the Franchise Website and in the Members Area every day. This is absolute Message retention and Total message absorption.
  • Your Message reaches Thousands of New Customers through the Mardox mailout system daily. That means millions of unique visitors read your ad message every month.
  • An Extensive network of 35 dedicated servers and Six Mirror Website for every Franchise Owner Website that receives Millions of unique visits every day, and they see your message.
  • Promotions on Ask Jeeves, Overture, Google Adwords deliver customers continuously night and day, both inside the members area and worldwide to the entire internet at large.
  • It is simply, the MOST EXTENSIVE BROADCAST of your message WorldWide.

The results are unbelievable.

After I added the "secret weapon" to my marketing arsenel, I started getting 400 to 500 percent more sales per day, and it's growing daily. After you read the rest of this letter and find out how ingenious our Marketing Broadcast really is, you will realize that you cannot do without it.

Bonus Special

Your message is delivered to 835,000 Link exchanges, directories and search engines Worldwide. You do not need to blast your Message to thousands of safelists. We do it all for you, Broadcast your Ad Message Worldwide.

  Your Solo ad is read by Millions of optin SAFEMAIL MEMBERS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

One of the best features of the Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon is the fact that it requires absolutely no programming experience. After you signup, and submit your ad message to the Broadcast Center, it is instantly accessed by Millions of websites all over the World.

Let me explain ...

Your message goes live, (even before it begins it's journey to the members mailbox through email), it is being read by millions of visitors Worldwide that is on our network.

It is beamed Live In the Member's Area of

  • Traffic Share Depot
  • Traffic Dispatch Search Engine
  • optin SAFEMAIL Subscriber Member's area
  • 2,700 Franchise Owner Storefront Worldwide.

Every Member will read your solo ads repeatedly several times a day in the Member's area, and reinforce your message by receiving your SOLO ADS in their Mailbox.

You'll be able to immediately start getting Traffic marching over to your website through the Live clickable URL and start seeing results in seconds (Yes, these tools are included in the amazing Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon for fast traffic accumulation ...

  • The Living Storefront - Your SOLO AD is read LIVE on 3 independent networks serving 32 dedicated servers and 1.2 Million Pages worldwide.

  • Traffic Magnet churn out HTML code, cgi script programming and every tool you need to attract sales, in a flash to get you up and running! Want to set up a storefront fast? Use The Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon.
      The minute you send your SOLO AD, someone, somewhere is reading your SOLO AD immediately, either on the WEB, or from their Mailbox.  


      Your Mailbox Is Not Flooded with Ads

    Now, your mailbox is NOT flooded with ads, there's no need, it's live on more than 1 million pages everywhere, yet with the MAXIMUM is set at 5 on optin SAFEMAIL solo ads to MEMBERS, our members will get your message and actually read it.
    Your SOLO AD will no longer be buried in a mass of emails, it's a wanted, valuable resource - our members want and respect.

    If you read the list above in detail, it's hard
    NOT to understand why these profit-pulling techniques can really give your sales the boost they need! And the best part is, they all come standard with The Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon

Instantly when you subscribe for a SOLO AD MESSAGE you'll be presented with a user-friendly menu to instantly blast your traffic and your sales into infinity.


The Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon is not just another safelist script. It is an automated recipe for total and absolute financial success. All websites that shows your Message is constantly expanded and promoted, so you instantly get more and more Traffic Free. It's instant access to new Traffic Sources Daily to attract traffic and wealth.

We are absolutely, totally INSANE
Serious Internet Marketers are shocked that this mind blowing package is only $1.00 a week. It is impossible to compare, because NO ONE is doing this yet. Therefore you are getting a full headstart, until everyone else catches on with this technology.

The Traffic Magnet alone have made millionaires out of ordinary folks.

I'm already getting a lot of dirty looks from some of the people I work with for releasing it this cheap, but I really want you to be successful.

We are raising the price after the first 1 million new subscribers, so that it is closer to its "actual" value. Subscribe immediately, just to make sure you lock in this price.

optin SOLO ADS first crashed on the scene at $12.00 a year.

Then after the next 2 million subscribers, the price increased to $12.00 every 6 months.

Then after the next 2 million subscribers, the price increased to $12.00 for 12 weeks.

Now, we are primed to increase the price after the next 1 million subscribers.

RIGHT NOW, it's $12.00 every 12 weeks, get in while you still can, and LOCK IN THE PRICE.
  Did you ever wonder how the pro's did it? Use The Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon , you will finally experience it ...
So, you know what to do now...Click the subscribe button, and start shooting your sales ratio through the roof!

Franchise Program
Join Our Unique Franchise/Partner Program And Keep 100% Of Sales Generated Through Your Link.
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Ezine Advertising List
List dedicated for ezine advertising. Effort is made to bring ezine owners and advertisers together. Receive current advertising specials & advertising rates directly from ezine owners.  Publishers register to sell your advertising space.
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